Miss M

LOVE what Miss M had to say about her experience

"So before My session, I was a nervous wreck! I was so worried about how the pictures were going to turn out and if I was going to look stupid in them. I really wanted to look hot and feel good about my self, but I was nervous. When I got to the studio, I got even more nervous! Haha my name was on the chalk board as I walked in and reality started sinking in that I was really going to do this and quite a few people were going to see! You guys made me feel so welcome and so comfortable though. I got a glass of wine and that calmed my nerves a little bit. I got into my outfit and said this is it! I walked my nervous butt over to the couch and started taking it all in! After the first couple of pictures, I started to relax.  Jen and Brian were so helpful by telling me how to pose, showing me how to pose, positioning my body for me if I needed it, and by telling me what looked good and what didn't. Through out the entire shoot, Jen and Brian gave me compliments left and right and it really boosted my confidence and made me feel great! I felt like a true model! Everything just started falling into place and I was relaxed and just having a blast! After the shoot, I had never felt better. I felt like a total hottie and a rockstar! When I came to my reveal, I was amazed at the girl I was looking at on the screen. I am never too fond looking at pictures of myself, but the pictures you took of me were absolutely stunning, and for once, I looked at a picture of myself and said "DAMN, I AM HOT!" It was the greatest feeling ever, and just the boost I've needed lately. I can't thank you guys enough for making this the most fun, relaxing, and enjoyable experience I've ever had! I would do this over 100 times! Thank you guys for being so amazing and helping me realize HOW BEAUTIFUL I AM  ! "

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