Do the DAMN THING!!!

As women we often feel like we don't deserve to treat ourselves. We take care of everyone else before even thinking about doing something for us. So many women even come in for their boudoir session because they can use these images as a gift for their partner. While these photos will make the best gift you could ever give someone, they are also the BEST FUCKING GIFT YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF!!! Did I say that loud enough??? You deserve to let someone else pamper you. You deserve to feel beautiful. You deserve to see yourself the way everyone else sees you. You deserve to show your children that their momma is a strong, confident woman! So do it scared...Nerves are normal, but I promise to be there right next to you the whole time and guide you in every possible way!!!

Check out some of this gorgeous #SheerBeauties images and what she had to say about being a mom of 3 and dealing with her own doubts.


When I first scheduled my session for my #SheerExperience I was nervous and wanted to just cancel it a bunch of times, but my husband kept telling me "No babe your doing it and your doing it for yourself. You deserve this!". I always feel so guilty doing stuff for myself especially with having 3 kids and being depressed and having poor self image of myself so I never spend the money on myself. I was so nervous before coming to do my session because of my body and not being able to find anything to fit it, but I had my consult with Jen and she made me try on one of the body suits she had there and said I had to wear it because I looked HOTT in it, I didn't want to believe it but I did and it made me feel good about myself. Fast forward a few weeks and my session was here...I was nervous as hell! Amanda did my makeup and she did a bomb ass job at it and she helped calm me and so did Jen while I was getting ready. Once the hair and makeup was done and all the compliments they were giving me I felt so good and beautiful. I changed into my first outfit and was thinking this is it and I walked out there and I was like I can do this. The whole time during the session Jen makes you laugh and makes you feel gorgeous and shows you all the right poses for your body, Brian is also amazing and a gentleman at that he will make you feel so comfortable that by the end your like who cares and everything is hanging out and it's fine. Lol But they are seriously amazing at what they do and made me feel comfortable and beautiful which I haven't felt for a long time. So if your on the fence or bought the package and keep saying your going to cancel or you don't deserve it, you do deserve it! You deserve to be pampered and deserve to be beautiful and told that. Me being a mom of 3 kids, unhappy with my body, depressed and also living with Multiple Sclerosis for 5 years has taken a toll on my mind, body and spirit but I am so glad I did this because it made me believe in myself and my beauty thanks to the help from the amazing Jen and Brian. So seriously just do the damn thing girl, you deserve it!!!!          ~XOXO, Miss A

Hair & Makeup by Amanda Kay Dimuzio

Turning 50 & Feeling Fabulous!!

I see all these women, beautiful women on Sheer's facebook page and decide to check our Sheer Photography's website.  I'm instantly blown away.  Women of all different shapes, sizes & ages.  But I'm going to be 50!!  50 years old, like half a century...  I'm too old, I thought and just kept watching the group.  I can't afford it, and just kept watching, until one day I felt horrible.  I felt like nothing in my life was going right at that moment and if I didn't just take the plunge, I probably never would, and so I did.  The week before my shoot, my hair appointment was messed up, I didn't have time to get everything done that I wanted & of course I had to break out in stress hives and be put on steroids. I was so excited for weeks until it came closer & the day arrived.  I honestly found myself trying to find more excuses not to go inside.  What was I thinking???  I'm not like these younger girls, I'm a grandmother, I'm too old & turning 50 this year.  Why on earth did I think this was a good idea???


Answer:  Because it was!!  I went in a nervous wreck and even text Jennifer from the parking lot, stalling.  How did I want my hair?  You're the expert, you do what you do, I said.  Once Bianca did my make-up and hair, I felt better but I still had no idea what to wear & I had brought a ton of stuff.  Okay, Jen, you're the expert & I'm trusting you guys so you tell me what outfits to wear for which room & she picked everything out while I was in make-up & hair.  I just put all my trust in them, which was the smartest thing I had done that day.  As soon as we started, I could see how Brian held a very professional demeanor and Jennifer was more relaxed and outgoing which made me more relaxed.  

And the fun began!!  I was so busy trying to watch Jennifer as she demonstrated the poses, that I completely relaxed about the pictures.  Not saying that it easy or unimportant, but I laughed, I twisted, I popped hips, pointed toes & just had so much fun.  The time actually went by very fast because, it was so much fun.  Both Brian and Jen periodically showed me the screen on the camera so that I could feel more at ease and they looked really nice!! But in the back of my mind, I'm still thinking, I hope they look half that good once they are full size, it's not like I'm young anymore.  But I still felt pretty good about myself at this point.  I had a little more confidence when I walked out then when I walked in and I definitely had a good time!

Then it all changed!  I got an email with my sneak peaks!!!  OMG, that's me!!! I thought I was going to cry at first, but I was so happy & showed all my friends.  I can honestly say I have never felt that good about myself or at least since I can't remember!!!  I felt like a million dollars!!  A few more days past and I went for my reveal and I honestly can say I never dreamed that they would turn out so great!!   I messaged Jen and told her "I've got this new found confidence thanks to you and Brian.  I can never thank you enough!!"

From make-up to hair to poses, to lighting to helpful reminders to point your toes, and breath, lol, which they had to tell me many times, these guys are the most professional, caring, courteous photographers you will ever meet. Brian is so talented in his work that he knows just the perfect light and angles every time to make you look your best.  Jennifer puts you completely at ease once you start, that sometimes you forget Brian is photographing.  If you even have the slightest notion that you are too old, not pretty enough, to heavy, whatever it might be, then you NEED to do this for YOU!!  Thanks to Sheer Photography, Sheer Beauty VIP group, Brian & Jennifer, 2018 is my Turning 50 & Feeling Fabulous year!!        Love always - Miss C

Hair & Makeup by Bianca Heasley of Roots Salon and Wellness Spa

Turning 30...

The BIG 3-0!!! It is a scary number for us ladies. It's a turning point in our lives where we aren't as young (and fun) as we used to be, we feel like we need to be more's almost as if the day we turn 30 is the day our inner child needs to be put to rest. I've heard from countless women (myself and my mom included) that turning 30 was the hardest birthday!! But now that I'm 3 years into my 30's, it has been the most invigorating and freeing time of my life. While we do have so many responsibilities to take care of, I also feel like it's an amazing age to find yourself. To learn who you are and be unapologetic about what life has in store for you! It's a time to step out of your comfort zone and be the badass you were meant to be.


"As you can imagine, pulling up to the Sheer studio I had a certain level of hesitation about the thought of being so exposed in front of a camera. Turning 30  this year hit me like a bag of bricks. That meshed with being a mom of two kids under 5, had me feeling undesirable and past the point in my life where I'd be considered sexy, but Jen and Brian instantly put me at ease when I walked into the studio the day of my shoot. They carefully went over wardrobe options and what was ideal for the desired look (I brought things but they have an awesome closet of options). They helped me work through some of my insecurities and focus on the parts my body I was confident in, while still setting me up to feel good about the areas that I was hesitant to bare. 

Within 5 minutes of starting the shoot, Brian and Jen had created an environment where I felt completely comfortable and free to be myself, and relax. I mean "hot" (something Jen must have called me at least twenty times during my session) isn't exactly the go-to word I would use to describe myself, but by the end of the experience that's exactly what I felt like. 

Not only were they incredibly professional and warm, but they clearly knew exactly what angles, poses and lighting would capture the perfect shot. Jen's constant guidance throughout the process made me feel like a professional, from demonstrating every pose and reminding me to breath, to telling me how incredible I looked while I tried to keep my balance through some of the poses. By the time we were finished I was in love with my body.

And, WOW, did it pay off! Looking at the full gallery I was utterly stunned at how beautifully Brian captured every pose. I literally couldn't stop looking at it. I felt like a goddess. Seeing how phenomenal the finished photos were made me feel indescribably confident in myself. All of a sudden 30 doesn't feel like a such a bad thing! Thanks to my sheer experience, 30 actually feels pretty damn sexy." ~ Rachel

Finally looked in the mirror and saw a goddess!

"I've already been lucky enough to have TWO amazing boudoir shoots with Sheer. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart because of how much they helped me finally feel confident about who I am. Having a Sheer session is an experience of a lifetime thanks to YOU at Sheer and that's f'in awesome!! I've been complemented on my photos by so many people and it leaves me speechless sometimes because I STILL cannot believe that that's ME! The two shoots I did were boudie days: one in studio w/ full hair, make up, and nails, the second a water session I left all natural. Both of these sessions taught me things I didn't know I was capable of. The first showed me that my booty can always "pop" just a little more! Also, I realized that I'm finally comfortable not taking myself seriously. I've always been embarrassed about everything I did, but this past year has been one amazing growing experience and quite a bit of it is thanks to the Sheer Squad!! My last session showed me that I'm beautiful no matter what. I don't need hair and make up to be a super star, just a positive attitude and the confidence I carried in my shoot. I don't recognize the girl in my shoot because I had so much confidence. Brian and Jen made it so I felt like I was unstoppable. And you know What? I AM unstoppable. I never thought I could do a shoot like the ones Sheer offers, but I did. I never thought I'd ever be comfortable with my body, the largest I've ever been, but I am! I never in a million years thought I'd ever have the strength and courage to share my lifestyle and passions with so many people, but I have and will continue to!

Jen and Brian: Keep being the incredibly perfect power couple you are and show these women what everyone else sees!"

Miss R

Nails by Courtney Patrick  |  Hair by Amanda Kay  |  Makeup by Bianca Heasley

Boudoir Session??? Not for me...or is it!!!

My personal voyage has recently taken me through weight loss surgery.  A personal decision to get healthy and I have come a long way yet I still have a long way to go.  I am at a crossroads in my journey, I am proud of how far I have come yet I am struggling with low self-worth, unhappiness and depression. 

So my bestie suggests a boudoir photo shoot.  A friend of a friend did it, she loved it.  I couldn’t do that, could I?  It may sound fun but who would want to see me?  All of me, half naked no less!! I’m not at my goal weight and far from it with all the stress and emotions I am feeling.  I’m not attractive and would never use the word pretty to describe myself.  I have no business even thinking of doing something like boudoir photos. Yikes!

Then more thoughts started.  Well why couldn’t I do that?  My husband tells me every day how beautiful I am.  Even if I don’t think so, he would certainly be shocked to get photos like that for our anniversary.  I did say I wanted to start doing things outside of my comfort zone.  This certainly counts towards that for sure.  Who cares if you don’t think you are where you should be.  If you wait, you’ll just find more reasons to not do it.  You CAN do it, you WILL do it.  You know you want too.  Truthfully, I did want too so why not?!  I did it.  I booked my session with Sheer!  

Once I was in, I was all in.  I never looked back, even when I felt my worst and most depressed, I was still excited for the day to come.  Getting pampered with full makeup and hair was incredible.  I’m not one for putting on more than a bit of eyeliner and mascara but one look in the mirror and I didn’t even recognize myself.  Who was that pretty girl staring back at me?! Wow! 

I was nervous as we started but quickly fell into a comfortable zone that Brian and Jennifer helped create.  The first photo they showed me on the camera display almost made me cry.  Who is that? That’s certainly not me!  I look pretty!  I look more than that, I look gorgeous!  How can that be me in those pictures?! I’m not the pretty girl, I’m the fun one!  

Getting to see all my pictures at my personal reveal session was more than amazing.  I saw myself showing skin and places I would never want anyone to see and it made me realize, I’m beautiful.  I saw myself in a whole new light and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  I still struggle with self-esteem every single day, but the difference is, I have seen the beauty and more importantly I have felt it.  Aside from the expected reaction from my husband he also said to me, “I’m glad you finally got to see yourself as I see you every day.”  Along with the whole experience those words helped me understand and realize I AM BEAUTIFUL.  I AM GORGEOUS and I AM ENOUGH. Makeup or not.  My Sheer Experience really ended up being as much for me as it was an anniversary surprise for him. 

Eat the cake, buy the shoes, book your Sheer Experience. Let it make you aware that you ARE AMAZING and you ARE BEAUTIFUL.  You ARE a #SheerBeauty

~ Miss K

Hair and Makeup by Bianca Heasley.

Becoming more comfortable in my skin

"When you’re always trying to conform to the norm, you lose your uniqueness, which can be the foundation for your greatness." ~ Dale Archer

I can finally stand in the mirror and see BEAUTY. Not just in my face (I'm freaking gorgeous, lol) but my body as well. Yea, I might have pushed three (amazing, BEAUTIFUL and loving) kids out, boobs are sagging and have cellulite. But those things doesn't stop me from loving myself and seeing my WORTH!

Everybody has a part of her body that she doesn’t like, but I’ve stopped complaining about mine because I don’t want to critique nature’s handiwork… "My job is simply to allow the light to shine out of the masterpiece." ~ Alfre Woodard

I would like to thank Jen and Brian for an awesome experience. They're amazing in what they do. They even gave me more boost of confidence, (without realizing it) and made me more comfortable in my SKIN! Can't wait to have more pictures taken by you both!

Xoxo, Miss T

Pushing past your comfort zone...

I've known Jen and Brian for many years before my Sheer Experience. As soon as they told me about wanting to start taking boudoir photography I was so supportive from day one but always from the background. I always told myself I was not as beautiful as the women in front of their camera and wasn't good enough to be posted on their beautiful Facebook page. Four years later after one final nudge from them, I started the process to do my very own Sheer Experience. I was SO SCARED! Just knowing that a man would be taking my photos was SO INTIMIDATING! Brian was nothing but professional and helpful while Jen was amazing like always, helping me with posing (WHICH I LOVED) and keeping me comfortable. Brian knew just what to do to get the perfect lighting and after a few minutes I literally couldn't stop laughing and smiling. These two people truly know how to make a person feel their best. Brian would ask me what I didn't like so that he could quickly adjust the positioning so that I was happy with everything that came from the camera. At my photo reveal I got to bring my husband and he loved every single image. Everything I would point out that I liked Jen was on the exact same page as me the entire process.

I can't tell you how important it is for you to step out of your comfort zone and to have your own Sheer Experience. EVERYTIME I see my photos I'm grinning from ear to ear because of just how much I've changed the way I see myself since that day. I am so happy to forever have these images. Thank you so much to Jen and Brian for pushing me past my limits because you believed in me. Bogart Couple Session Spring 2K17!!!"

Red, White, and BOOM!!!!

What happens when you take two #SheerBeauties into downtown Youngstown for a fun little photo shoot?!?! Red, white and BOOM!!!! Bomb pops, booty shorts, sunglasses, lingerie and smoke bombs!!! We had a blast getting out of the studio, stepping out of our comfort zone and getting Sexy in the Streets. Ready to step out of your comfort zone...schedule your own outdoor or studio boudoir session for August-December!!! Fill out the form below after checking out these babes!!! We would love to help bring out your sexy side...

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Miss A's Second Experience

"After my first boudoir shoot with Jen and Brian, I felt hot, confident, and sexy as hell! So booking another shoot was something I had been waiting for but.....

Leading up to my 2nd session, nothing seemed to be going my way. Since Marenda Zeronas (my go-to makeup girl) moved to Georgia, I had to find a new makeup person – the person I found did my makeup a few shades too orange... My hair wasn’t cooperating (of course) - I felt old, fat, and my face had just broken out like I was back in junior high. (I was also being over dramatic just like in junior high! haha) Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling myself at all before I got to the studio, and even while I was there I didn’t think my pictures were going to come out as great as my first session – I still had a blast with Jen and Brian though. They have a way of making you relax and laugh, even at yourself sometimes. (It’s also a plus when Jen takes off her pants!) The new Sheer studio is huge and I'm obsessed with it! I love the big huge windows the most.

By the end of my session, I felt a little bit better about myself and after seeing a few of the photos during the session I was a lot more at ease. When I came back for my reveal, I was super nervous to see all of my images...but I was pleasantly surprised!!! Even though I wasn't feeling as hot as I had for my first session, I still looked sexy and hot af!!! 

Anytime people ask me about these shoots I tell them to do it! Don’t wait. If you aren't feeling 100% confident, that's even more reason to do it. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you get to have proof of. You will see yourself in a completely different and fantastic way. Do it for you!"


Love always - Miss A


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The words of Miss A

 I've followed Sheer Photography on instagram for a few years and everyday I see pictures of such gorgeous women. I was ecstatic to know that I'd get to be apart of the beautiful women they photograph. Once reality sank in I realized that I was not at all ready for this experience! I'm very awkward and I thought to myself, a boudior photoshoot would be insane for me to do! I never felt so nervous in my entire life but when I came in for my session Jen and Brian made me feel at home and my nerves instantly calmed down. They were so welcoming and explained everything we'd be doing and Jen helped me practice my "sexy face". Once I changed into my first outfit my nerves went back up again! I felt pretty awkward to do the first few pictures but thankfully Jen was down with me so I could mimic her moves and it became so much fun! For as self conscious as I am about myself I didn't think there'd be a single picture that I'd like. When I came in for my reveal my 1 1/2 year old daughter got to have a little play date with their beautiful daughter and Brian while Jen showed me my pictures! They had an awesome slide show made up of all my pictures and I just couldn't believe how amazing I looked! I cannot wait until I get my pictures I ordered! I have never seen a bad picture posted by sheer photography, they really know how to bring out the beauty in women (& men!) of all different shapes and sizes. Jen and Brian are the most kind hearted people and are absolutely amazing at what they do.  I highly recommend booking a session with them as soon as possible!  I know I'll definitely be booking another session! Thank you guys so much!😘


Miss M

LOVE what Miss M had to say about her experience

"So before My session, I was a nervous wreck! I was so worried about how the pictures were going to turn out and if I was going to look stupid in them. I really wanted to look hot and feel good about my self, but I was nervous. When I got to the studio, I got even more nervous! Haha my name was on the chalk board as I walked in and reality started sinking in that I was really going to do this and quite a few people were going to see! You guys made me feel so welcome and so comfortable though. I got a glass of wine and that calmed my nerves a little bit. I got into my outfit and said this is it! I walked my nervous butt over to the couch and started taking it all in! After the first couple of pictures, I started to relax.  Jen and Brian were so helpful by telling me how to pose, showing me how to pose, positioning my body for me if I needed it, and by telling me what looked good and what didn't. Through out the entire shoot, Jen and Brian gave me compliments left and right and it really boosted my confidence and made me feel great! I felt like a true model! Everything just started falling into place and I was relaxed and just having a blast! After the shoot, I had never felt better. I felt like a total hottie and a rockstar! When I came to my reveal, I was amazed at the girl I was looking at on the screen. I am never too fond looking at pictures of myself, but the pictures you took of me were absolutely stunning, and for once, I looked at a picture of myself and said "DAMN, I AM HOT!" It was the greatest feeling ever, and just the boost I've needed lately. I can't thank you guys enough for making this the most fun, relaxing, and enjoyable experience I've ever had! I would do this over 100 times! Thank you guys for being so amazing and helping me realize HOW BEAUTIFUL I AM  ! "

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