Couples Boudoir

Check out this sexy couple and what they had to say about their session. 

So I originally saw all of Sheer Photography's photos online through mutual friends. I thought they were absolutely beautiful! 


  I had never seen a boudoir shoot done quite so good. I eventually worked up the courage to get one done. The original plan was to surprise my boyfriend at the time but he was curious how everything worked and ended up going to the consult with me. Jennifer had suggested maybe we sneak him into a few photos. We ended up actually convincing him to do the shoot as a couples shoot! It was such a great experience! 


  Brian and Jennifer are an amazing team and made us both feel so comfortable. Jennifer's help with posing was a big thing for me especially since I wasn't quite confident on how to do that. And Brian knew just what angles to get the photos! They came out amazing! 


  It made us feel closer as a couple when we left. And both of us were so excited the whole day, it was like our whole mood changed. We'd love to get back whenever we could! It was fun and sexy and the memories will last a lifetime! We appreciate everything you guys do! It was beyond worth it!


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