The words of Miss A

 I've followed Sheer Photography on instagram for a few years and everyday I see pictures of such gorgeous women. I was ecstatic to know that I'd get to be apart of the beautiful women they photograph. Once reality sank in I realized that I was not at all ready for this experience! I'm very awkward and I thought to myself, a boudior photoshoot would be insane for me to do! I never felt so nervous in my entire life but when I came in for my session Jen and Brian made me feel at home and my nerves instantly calmed down. They were so welcoming and explained everything we'd be doing and Jen helped me practice my "sexy face". Once I changed into my first outfit my nerves went back up again! I felt pretty awkward to do the first few pictures but thankfully Jen was down with me so I could mimic her moves and it became so much fun! For as self conscious as I am about myself I didn't think there'd be a single picture that I'd like. When I came in for my reveal my 1 1/2 year old daughter got to have a little play date with their beautiful daughter and Brian while Jen showed me my pictures! They had an awesome slide show made up of all my pictures and I just couldn't believe how amazing I looked! I cannot wait until I get my pictures I ordered! I have never seen a bad picture posted by sheer photography, they really know how to bring out the beauty in women (& men!) of all different shapes and sizes. Jen and Brian are the most kind hearted people and are absolutely amazing at what they do.  I highly recommend booking a session with them as soon as possible!  I know I'll definitely be booking another session! Thank you guys so much!😘