Finally looked in the mirror and saw a goddess!

"I've already been lucky enough to have TWO amazing boudoir shoots with Sheer. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart because of how much they helped me finally feel confident about who I am. Having a Sheer session is an experience of a lifetime thanks to YOU at Sheer and that's f'in awesome!! I've been complemented on my photos by so many people and it leaves me speechless sometimes because I STILL cannot believe that that's ME! The two shoots I did were boudie days: one in studio w/ full hair, make up, and nails, the second a water session I left all natural. Both of these sessions taught me things I didn't know I was capable of. The first showed me that my booty can always "pop" just a little more! Also, I realized that I'm finally comfortable not taking myself seriously. I've always been embarrassed about everything I did, but this past year has been one amazing growing experience and quite a bit of it is thanks to the Sheer Squad!! My last session showed me that I'm beautiful no matter what. I don't need hair and make up to be a super star, just a positive attitude and the confidence I carried in my shoot. I don't recognize the girl in my shoot because I had so much confidence. Brian and Jen made it so I felt like I was unstoppable. And you know What? I AM unstoppable. I never thought I could do a shoot like the ones Sheer offers, but I did. I never thought I'd ever be comfortable with my body, the largest I've ever been, but I am! I never in a million years thought I'd ever have the strength and courage to share my lifestyle and passions with so many people, but I have and will continue to!

Jen and Brian: Keep being the incredibly perfect power couple you are and show these women what everyone else sees!"

Miss R

Nails by Courtney Patrick  |  Hair by Amanda Kay  |  Makeup by Bianca Heasley