Turning 30...

The BIG 3-0!!! It is a scary number for us ladies. It's a turning point in our lives where we aren't as young (and fun) as we used to be, we feel like we need to be more responsible...it's almost as if the day we turn 30 is the day our inner child needs to be put to rest. I've heard from countless women (myself and my mom included) that turning 30 was the hardest birthday!! But now that I'm 3 years into my 30's, it has been the most invigorating and freeing time of my life. While we do have so many responsibilities to take care of, I also feel like it's an amazing age to find yourself. To learn who you are and be unapologetic about what life has in store for you! It's a time to step out of your comfort zone and be the badass you were meant to be.


"As you can imagine, pulling up to the Sheer studio I had a certain level of hesitation about the thought of being so exposed in front of a camera. Turning 30  this year hit me like a bag of bricks. That meshed with being a mom of two kids under 5, had me feeling undesirable and past the point in my life where I'd be considered sexy, but Jen and Brian instantly put me at ease when I walked into the studio the day of my shoot. They carefully went over wardrobe options and what was ideal for the desired look (I brought things but they have an awesome closet of options). They helped me work through some of my insecurities and focus on the parts my body I was confident in, while still setting me up to feel good about the areas that I was hesitant to bare. 

Within 5 minutes of starting the shoot, Brian and Jen had created an environment where I felt completely comfortable and free to be myself, and relax. I mean "hot" (something Jen must have called me at least twenty times during my session) isn't exactly the go-to word I would use to describe myself, but by the end of the experience that's exactly what I felt like. 

Not only were they incredibly professional and warm, but they clearly knew exactly what angles, poses and lighting would capture the perfect shot. Jen's constant guidance throughout the process made me feel like a professional, from demonstrating every pose and reminding me to breath, to telling me how incredible I looked while I tried to keep my balance through some of the poses. By the time we were finished I was in love with my body.

And, WOW, did it pay off! Looking at the full gallery I was utterly stunned at how beautifully Brian captured every pose. I literally couldn't stop looking at it. I felt like a goddess. Seeing how phenomenal the finished photos were made me feel indescribably confident in myself. All of a sudden 30 doesn't feel like a such a bad thing! Thanks to my sheer experience, 30 actually feels pretty damn sexy." ~ Rachel