What started as a wedding gift turned into so much more.


Hey there Beauties! I was first introduced to sheer photographies VIP page a year ago. At first, I was hesitant to be apart of the group, but after seeing all of these beautiful women share their #SheerExperience and post their stunning pics I couldn’t leave!

These beautiful women in the group would post their sneak peak photos and all I could think to myself was “this would be such a great gift for my fiancé, but there’s no way I could do it.” I kept wishing I could be like those women, the courage that they showed for sharing their photos was something I admired in itself! Let’s face it, we all have insecurities and that would be my biggest fear is showing those insecurities for everyone to see. I have struggled with my body my entire life. Growing up my weight was always a problem and I never liked a thing about the way I looked.

Getting ready for work one morning, I saw Jen and Brian posted something about an awesome deal that was coming up and when they finally announced it, something inside of me just said “do the damn thing!” And well... I pulled out my credit card and booked! I was nervous and excited all at once and their was no turning back now! Can I do this? I knew this would be a great gift for my now husband and I just had to go through with it.

The day of the shoot came around, I put on my makeup, struggled putting on my fake lashes and was on my way. I was a nervous wreck! I got to the studio so early that I decided to stop for ice cream as a stress eater to calm my nerves.. yeah, I know that wasn’t the best idea. I get there and Jen has me lay out my outfits and the nerves started to go away just from having a conversation with her. I felt like I was talking to a good friend.  I get into my first outfit, step into my first pose, Brian snaps the first picture and shows me... is that really me?! Okay, I got this now! The shoot was so fun and Jen literally does the poses with you which is a huge help! Because let’s be real, she is the pose queen!


A week goes by and I get my reveal. Well, I’m blown away. It was so hard to pick!! And I couldn’t believe that was actually me! I honestly wanted to cry. I finally could see what my husband has been telling me all along. I left with so much confidence, it truly was the best feeling. Could I really wait to give this as a wedding present? Yeah, that answer was a no! I had to show him! And of course, he LOVED them!! So much so, my pictures are his background on his phone, which is another confidence booster let’s be real.

So for you ladies that are second guessing yourself for whatever that reason may be, my advice for you is to do it for yourself! What I thought was a gift for my husband turned out to be more of a gift for me. It made me love the body I am in. You will not be disappointed trust me! Jen and Brian are such great people and they go above and beyond for their sheer beauties! So stop waiting and book!!