Miss L and her journey.


I found a group whose mission is lift and empower other woman. To appreciate true beauty, the beauty of a person’s soul. Brian & Jen have found a way to artfully expose not only our bodies but the true beauty of our souls. Cheesy? Yes of course but all the best most joyful true moments, experiences in life are simply that. I’ll assume my story is like that of other women, and if you’re researching Sheer Photography yours too. I wanted to do a #SheerExoerience for a while, like a long time. I didn’t think I was “ready” to show off my body in that way. I compared the way I looked to others, always focusing on the flaws, not good enough. I went through a divorce and it wasn’t difficult, I was over the relationship at that time. It was the years it took me to feel okay with the decision to leave. I found strength in myself along that journey with the help of friends and family. I coped in ways I could including unhealthy and healthy. Luckily, the healthy coping lead me to Brian & Jen. I decided that after all my hard work both emotionally and physically I wanted to appreciate where I was. I looked on Instagram, used a hashtag search and found a few photography studios that did great quality. I was specifically looking for bodyscaping, use of light & shadow to showcase up-close detail & the curves of my body. I watched these studios for a few months, anyone can get lucky with 1 or 2 great exposures. Brian & Jen consistently produced great quality photos and I loved their style of inspirational sayings posted on their Instagram account. I contacted Brian & Jen, got the details and booked my session. The days leading up I was nervous, like oh shit how am I going to look, again focusing on my flaws.   I had to remind myself they were great at their work & they would make me look amazing- I put my faith in their abilities. I drove from Columbus to their studio for my #SheerExpereince.  It was completely worth the drive. I had only spoken on the phone but they were warm, welcoming & super fun to work with. I enjoyed every minute and knew before I left I’d book another session. Brain showed me an exposure on the camera during my session- the picture showed a gorgeous, sultry woman, not how I would’ve described myself but it was me! I am in lust with the exposures from my session. Ecstatic that I did this for myself and looking forward to my next session.