2015...The year of YOU!

Miss J #SheerBeauty

Happy New Year all you #SheerBeauties!! Let's make 2015 the year you do something unexpected and for yourself! I am so glad that we can now share this beautiful ladies images with you all. This session may have been a Christmas present for Mr R, but I know she had so much fun and it was a life changing experience for herself. 

The first time Miss J and I met for her consultation, she told me this was something NO ONE would EVER expect her to do!! I've been hearing that a lot lately and I have to tell you some of my favorite Sheer sessions have been with the women who you would never expect them of doing a boudoir shoot. They always start out the most nervous, but 15 minutes into it you can tell they are starting to get into it and have let go of all their fears. Miss J was no exception to the nerves, but she quickly let go of it and had so much fun! She was all smiles throughout her whole session, which I love because she has such a beautiful smile and her personality shines in every image. By the end of her shoot, she was glowing with confidence and even more beautiful than when she walked in! 

Make 2015 the year you see the true beauty that everyone else sees in you. Let Sheer Photography and our amazing team transform you into the best version of yourself. To schedule a consultation email us at SheerBoudoir@gmail.com

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