Miss A's #SheerExperience

"Leading up to the session, I felt anxious and excited to do it. I had talked to a fellow #SheerBeauty about her shoot so I knew I was in good hands. I was a little nervous about how I was going to naturally react to strangers taking pictures of me and seeing me next to naked, but Brian & Jen were very easy going and made me very comfortable. I'm happy I was able to relax so my pictures didn't turn out like I was stiff."

"My favorite part of my #SheerExperience was having Jen there to help me pose, and tell me exactly what to do. I was able to really understand what they wanted me to do, just by a few words from her. I think the best part - aside from seeing the end product - was that we were able to joke and have fun, and it wasn't all serious business.

"After my boudoir session with Sheer, I felt empowered and genuinely beautiful. I was even more excited to see how the prints were going to come out, after seeing some of the images on the camera, I couldn't believe how they looked! I felt like a supermodel, for sure.

If you are even thinking about booking a session, then book it. The fact that you are considering it, means you want to do it enough. Don't doubt yourself and how you feel about your body, Jen helps you pose and do things with your body to help emphasize the parts you love and hide the parts you aren't all that fond of (we all have them). Most of all, if you aren't doing it for your guy (because he will obviously love these pictures) and you're doing it for yourself, just think, when you are old and wrinkly, you'll have something to look at and remind yourself how hot you looked! (that was my thinking anyways)"          

XOXO, Miss A

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