Do the DAMN THING!!!

As women we often feel like we don't deserve to treat ourselves. We take care of everyone else before even thinking about doing something for us. So many women even come in for their boudoir session because they can use these images as a gift for their partner. While these photos will make the best gift you could ever give someone, they are also the BEST FUCKING GIFT YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF!!! Did I say that loud enough??? You deserve to let someone else pamper you. You deserve to feel beautiful. You deserve to see yourself the way everyone else sees you. You deserve to show your children that their momma is a strong, confident woman! So do it scared...Nerves are normal, but I promise to be there right next to you the whole time and guide you in every possible way!!!

Check out some of this gorgeous #SheerBeauties images and what she had to say about being a mom of 3 and dealing with her own doubts.


When I first scheduled my session for my #SheerExperience I was nervous and wanted to just cancel it a bunch of times, but my husband kept telling me "No babe your doing it and your doing it for yourself. You deserve this!". I always feel so guilty doing stuff for myself especially with having 3 kids and being depressed and having poor self image of myself so I never spend the money on myself. I was so nervous before coming to do my session because of my body and not being able to find anything to fit it, but I had my consult with Jen and she made me try on one of the body suits she had there and said I had to wear it because I looked HOTT in it, I didn't want to believe it but I did and it made me feel good about myself. Fast forward a few weeks and my session was here...I was nervous as hell! Amanda did my makeup and she did a bomb ass job at it and she helped calm me and so did Jen while I was getting ready. Once the hair and makeup was done and all the compliments they were giving me I felt so good and beautiful. I changed into my first outfit and was thinking this is it and I walked out there and I was like I can do this. The whole time during the session Jen makes you laugh and makes you feel gorgeous and shows you all the right poses for your body, Brian is also amazing and a gentleman at that he will make you feel so comfortable that by the end your like who cares and everything is hanging out and it's fine. Lol But they are seriously amazing at what they do and made me feel comfortable and beautiful which I haven't felt for a long time. So if your on the fence or bought the package and keep saying your going to cancel or you don't deserve it, you do deserve it! You deserve to be pampered and deserve to be beautiful and told that. Me being a mom of 3 kids, unhappy with my body, depressed and also living with Multiple Sclerosis for 5 years has taken a toll on my mind, body and spirit but I am so glad I did this because it made me believe in myself and my beauty thanks to the help from the amazing Jen and Brian. So seriously just do the damn thing girl, you deserve it!!!!          ~XOXO, Miss A

Hair & Makeup by Amanda Kay Dimuzio